Thrissur NEET Academy joins hands with

      Datasoft Networks Inc. USA

Datasoft Networks Provide Dedicated Servers, Public Cloud Servers, Private Cloud Servers, Webhosting Services, Domain Services, and VOIP Application Servers.

Our DELL PowerEdge C1100 dedicated servers are ideal for any of your applications that require high traffic, high security, or complex configurations like VOIP applications, Database Applications, Cpanel implementations, ProxMox or VmWare Virtual Environments.

With Dedicated Server hardware, Unlimited Premium BGP enabled Internet Bandwidth, Premium N+1 Redundant power supplies and 24/7 unbeatable Technical support, you can have your applications running on the servers with peace of mind.

Operating Systems: CentOs, ProxMox, VMWare, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, Zpanel, Cpanel or any other Operating systems you choose.

Applications: VoipSwitch, ItelSwitch, DataBase Servers, Web Servers, E-Mail Servers, Data Storage and Backup Servers, Cpanel Hosting, Proxmox Server, VmWare Server, Cloud servers, Game Servers, E-Commerce Servers, Virtual Money Mining, Test Servers etc.

Our Advantages: Unlimited Premium Bandwidth, 2 Hours delivery time in most cases, 24/7 Tech Support, 100% Root Access, Free reboots and re-installations, Free SetUp help, Firewall Setup Help, 99.9% uptime, upgradable hardware, 24/7 monitoring service, 24/7 onsite staff etc.

Datacenters:- Digital Reality powered Datacenters in St Louis, MO, USA and Miami, FL, USA.

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